The Patriot Consulting Group has a long and proud history of client satisfaction. On this page you will find a small sampling of the types of projects where Patriot excels. You will also find a brief synopsis of each of these projects, which we hope will paint a comprehensive picture of Patriot's dedication, attention to detail, and ability.

Two Rivers Police Department:
Patriot Consulting was contracted by the Monmouth County Boroughs of Fair Haven, Little Silver, Oceanport, Rumson, and Shrewsbury to determine the feasibility of establishing a regional police department for the five municipalities. As Patriot continued to make progress, it became clear to the participating towns that the Shrewsbury River would serve as a serious geographic obstacle in an emergency. Additionally, with the imminent closing of Fort Monmouth, the newly available land would create numerous additional calls for service. These two complications compelled all of the participants to carefully weigh the options and finally decided, for the good of all five towns, that the Boroughs of Fair Haven, Little Silver, and Rumson would proceed as planned. This had the added benefit of giving the Boroughs of Shrewsbury and Oceanport the possibility of establishing their own shared police department. The final report, unveiled in August 2008, laid out a road map for the municipalities to follow in order to establish New Jersey's first regional law enforcement entity - the Two Rivers Police Department. Conducted in phases, the TRPD continues to move towards greater integration of the three individual departments.
Monmouth Beach Department of Public Works:
The Boroughs of Monmouth Beach and Sea Bright (Monmouth County) asked Patriot's expert consultants to examine the best way to save taxpayer dollars as the result of a shared Department of Public Works. Patriot met the challenge head-on, and wrote a comprehensive report outlining the ways the towns could implement some fundamental yet simple changes to their operations. Patriot's recommendations have resulted in an improved quality of service for both Monmouth Beach and Sea Bright in the area of sharing DPW services for mutual benefit, both financial and operational.
Raritan-Somerville Department of Public Works:
In 2009, Patriot conducted a shared services feasibility study for the Departments of Public Works for the Boroughs of Raritan and Somerville (Somerset County). The neighboring municipalities both anticipated a need to reduce costs, while elevating the level of service in their communities. Patriot outlined ways for Raritan and Somerville to do both, including shared purchasing, shared storage, and the use of each town's equipment and facilities.
Brick EMS Evaluation:
In the spring of 2004 the Patriot Consulting Group completed a comprehensive evaluation of the then-volunteer Emergency Medical Services delivery in the Township of Brick (Ocean County). Patriot extensively studied and audited the quality of service to the community and the benefits to the personnel performing the services. After thorough investigation, Patriot offered the Governing Body a series of recommendations and options of implementation. The Township chose to create a professional Emergency Medical Services group, a decision which has served the Township well in the past five years.
Holmdel Salary Study:
In 2005, Patriot conducted a compensation and classification study for the Township of Holmdel (Monmouth County). In this study, Patriot personnel examined each job position requested by the Township and compared the salary, benefits, and job description to the averages in the State of New Jersey, as well as towns of similar demographic circumstances.
Washington Borough Manager Search:
When the Borough of Washington (Warren County) was seeking a new Borough Manager, they knew they wanted a person of integrity, ability, and dedication. The Borough also knew that to find the best possible candidate, they'd need to enlist the assistance of the best possible management consultants: The Patriot Consulting Group. Patriot launched a nationwide search for that ideal candidate to best suit the town's needs. After an exhaustive search for qualified individuals, extensive background checks, and comprehensive interviews, Patriot was able to find the person who best matched the Borough of Washington's needs.